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Hot selling all over the world,manufacturing for most big companies like France,United States,etc.

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About us

Ledfora Lighting is an outdoor and industrial Led luminaire factory in Shenzhen,China.
Its indoor light includ:Led ceiling light, Led flush mount ceiling light, Led bulb lamp,
Ufo Led high bay light,Led track light, Led strip light and t8 t5 Led tube light.
For outdoor light we have :Led wall pack light, Led flood light, Led landscape light,
Led parking lots area light,solar street light.
After service lighting project contractor company,lighting wholesale company, Led retail
clients or e-commerce customer all over the world for many years.
Now we have many partner in North American,South American.Also Russia Romania and
Italy of Europe,Indian Pakistan Iraq of Middle East,Egypt Ghana of Africa.
Ledfora try best to supply the best qualityand best price to gain recognition from clients.
Because of  the fast delivery requirements from lighting project contractor company,
we cooperate with some mainland clients to set up mainland warehouse and supply
hundreds to thousands quantity of products like Led canopy light,Led corn bulb,Led panel
light,Led troffer light for 24hours fast shipping service.
Whether you need indoor lighting,outdoor lighting,lighting installation suggestion or
advanced services, you can call on us on +86- 137 1487 6000 at any time of day or night.
We will be honour to offer a fast,reliable and affordable service to all our clients.
Also welcome to contact us at
E-mail:info@ or Facebook, Twitter,Whatsapp.

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